ONM Remembered – #189

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“Imagine if Saddam had one of those? Game Over, USA. BZZZACCCK!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 148 (January 2005)

A rather excitable review for Metal Slug Advance, which acknowledges the unfortunate omissions from the arcade games, but doesn’t make a mess in its diaper over it. Which is a bit more sophisticated than my initial response to the game, let’s be frank.

I’ve warmed up a little to Metal Slug Advance, especially when acknowledging what a tough task it is to produce a Metal Slug game on Game Boy. It hasn’t the graphical or processing power to throw the chaos of the arcade games at you, but it doesn’t quite need to make the serious alterations the Neo Geo Pocket games opted for. It’s unique, but it’s still missing something to make it click. Still, it could’ve been worse!

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