ONM Remembered – #178

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In my box of Nintendo mags, I found this loose fold-out sheet with Banjo-Kazooie posters on each side. I’ve a feeling this came from a walkthrough for the game rather than a magazine, but what the heck, let’s throw it on here. I ain’t picky!

I miss cute promotional art like this! It seems a modern game is lucky to have more than two pieces of art for the main character, but it’s shocking to look at these old mags and see just how much promotional art was produced, but rarely seen in the wild. It’s heartening.
… what I don’t miss are those freaky knobbly hands. Yuck! Seriously, I’ve never noticed how frighteningly detailed those things were before. Even the Jinjo’s hand is creepy and kooky and realistic! Eyeueegh. This must be why Sonic wears gloves, folks.

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