ONM Remembered – #175

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“And also, as he’s a dinosaur hunter he could kill mech raptors and triceratopses!”

from N64 Magazine issue 8 (November 1997)

Some great ideas on this one.

The Seiken Densetsu 3: Special Edition reads just like a gamer’s wishlist, doesn’t it? More expensive features that we don’t necessarily need! Zooming and scrolling! Anti-aliasing! Still, I’d like to see the game. It’s never reached English shores officially, has it?

Turok 3: In New York is a fantastic title, and a charmingly silly idea, if just for the change of scenery. If nothing else, I love it just for the potential to homage Beastmaster and Masters of the Universe. Tracking down raptors using a VW Beetle would be a novelty in itself.

The Batman idea sounds neat, and being able to play as any of his sidekicks is a unique feature. Have any Batman games actually done that? Properly, I mean? I know the crappy ones have let you play as Batgirl, but surely they’d have rectified that by now.

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