ONM Remembered – #170

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“Be prepared for a rude answer when you ask Rare’s Uncle Tusk.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 91 (April 2000)

Readers of Official Nintendo Magazine were proper spoilt; not only was Shigeru Miyamoto at their beck and call every month, but they could also have their inaneĀ  questions answered by… Tusk from Killer Instinct?

Yeah, that was a thing, wasn’t it? Uncle Tusk received a delightfully diverse range of questions, from the ever typical “can you tell us anything about game that hasn’t been announced?”, to “whatever happened to this obscure one-shot character from seven years ago?” You didn’t exactly learn much from any of the answers, but the irreverent remarks of Leigh Loveday are always entertaining to read. I wonder if any of this is canonical, though?

“Let’s just hope she doesn’t lose interest halfway through and decide to go shopping instead…”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 89 (February 2000)

It’s reassuring to know that long before they were making rape jokes and charging a fiver for each character, Killer Instinct was promoting casual sexism. A beacon of virtue, that franchise.

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