ONM Remembered – #169 – prelude to Miyamoto Week

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“Miyamoto: I’m not a nice guy.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 132 (September 2003)

What a cover, eh? You’ve got a dynamic F-Zero shot, you’ve got the True Crime guy trying to shoot you, and some haunting words from Miyamoto.
“I’m not a nice guy.”
What could he mean?
Is he not the loveable, smiling gentleman he appears to be? Is he in fact a binge-drinking, chain-smoking, dope-peddling, cat-smacking hard-case who expresses how not-nice he is by partaking in the aforementioned activities? PEEPS WANT TO KNOW

Well, it’s a good time to have questions, because tomorrow is the start of Miyamoto Week! Interviews, private discussions and gosh knows what else they printed about Mario’s daddy will be highlighted throughout the next seven days!

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