ONM Remembered – #162

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“Look, an ungodly David/Mario mix!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 68 (May 1998)

Of all the dumb accessories Nintendo made for their consoles and handhelds, I always thought the Game Boy Camera was one of the best. I got fat stacks of mileage out of that stupid little gizmo, even if it was just to see different people’s faces in the Ball game. You’d be surprised how much replay value there is from using different people as bosses in space shooters!

I believe early on, the hype for the Game Boy Camera and Printer seemed to suggest plans for Nintendo to make ‘grown-up’ utilities for the Game Boy, almost turning it into a micro-sized office, with word processors and goodness knows what else. I don’t know if that was true or just wild speculation, but I’ll say it was a pretty ambitious idea. Completely whack and no doubt a colossal failure were it to proceed, but I respect the attempt to turn the Tetris machine into a legitimate PDA. It’d have a way better battery life than any real PDA of that era, I imagine.

The contest might as well spell out its answers, but can YOU guess who the five musical maestros are?

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