ONM Remembered – #161

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“The solid 3D characters are miles better than the flat ones you get in the cartoon.”

from N64 Magazine issue 23 (December 1998)

South Park gets a video game!
The show was mad popular in its early years, with a whole heap of print advertisements in UK magazines, though that popularity seemed to disappear rather quickly. I know I missed out on it for many, many years when it was either relocated to satellite channels, or put on at dodgy timeslots. I can’t remember. It’s fair enough, but it took a while to make a niche for itself, even if that niche is “the show that comes on when VIVA runs out of Fresh Prince repeats”.

Having tie-in material made so early in a show’s lifespan is always a recipe for absurdity, especially if it’s a video game. I mean, South Park‘s initial claim to fame was the novelty of cardboard children uttering obscenities. I’m not sure how they took that and made it about battling evil turkeys. Was there some one-off joke I missed out on, and the developers just latched onto it? See, that’s why I’m not a games designer. I’d probably have just invented Nega-Cartman.

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