ONM Remembered – #159

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“They say that, in the event of a nuclear holocaust, cockroaches will most likely be the sole survivors. I take issue with this, and am certain that both Tamagotchi and the Toki Meki Memorial babes will be around to keep the roaches company.”

from N64 Magazine issue 7 (October 1997)

Max Everingham takes a gander at some of the N64 mags littering the shelves of Japan, highlighting all that’s unique about each of them, and even conducts brief interviews with their respective editors. It’s a pretty unique feature, I’d say!

Similar to his remark about how hands-off and impersonal the Japanese reviews are, though, there’s only so much you can learn about a magazine from one guy summarising them. Likewise, there’s only so much you can experience of Official Nintendo Magazine from scans and half-witted commentary alone – nothing can quite beat flipping through one of those bad boys and embracing all the stupidity firsthand.

… is that a cue for me to start Dengeki Nintendo 64 Remembered? (no, it’s not.)

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