ONM Remembered – #155

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“You wouldn’t have any lives, just £1000 to spend on repairs or fines.”

from N64 Magazine issue 14 (April 1998)

The Star Wars idea is cute, but I think by now we’re well aware that nothing will quite live up to the imagination or expectations of what’s in these guys’ heads. Besides, I can’t help but dread that if they were to retell the story, Lucas would realise he had even more ideas he couldn’t incorporate into the films.

The realistic driving game sounds pretty neat, actually. Something like that’s probably already been made, actually. I’d love to try Responsible Motorist Simulator 2013, because I sure as heck wouldn’t trust myself on the road. I wouldn’t trust myself with a website, for that matter!

Also on the same letters page is this strange newspaper article apparently hijacking some viral marketing for Star Fox 64, and turning it into celestial support for Leicester Football Club. I rather foolishly forgot to scan the whole answer, but it can only be the work of some skeezy fly-by-night journo. Who else are we to blame? Andross? That guy’s got better things to do, man. Like gate crashing the conclusion to a dodgy spin-off.

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