ONM Remembered – #149

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“Oh yes, I almost forgot… In this bag are the bones of your arch nemesis.”

from N64 Magazine issue 11 (January 1998)

Jonathan Davies takes a look at Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero… well, I say “a look”, it’s more of a quick gander, given how he drops it before finishing level 2 and scores it a hilarious 9%. Can you blame him?

Although I’m definitely not a fighting game or Mortal Kombat aficionado, the idea of dropping a fighting game engine into a platforming game environment intrigued me even when I read the previews in other mags. The idea of a platform game with a greater depth of combat (excuse me, kombat) skills just seems like a concept that could work in the right hands, you know?
Then I saw it being played from start to finish. Haha, wow.
It’s a hokey idea to begin with, but the fact no one in development apparently said, “y’know, maybe we shouldn’t be making this exactly as awful as everyone thinks it’s going to be” is a feat that deserves appreciation.

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