ONM Remembered – Never Reached The Shelves Week, day 5

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“The characters and set-pieces you encounter are so adult-orientated that we can’t explain many of them without being banished to the top shelf of your local newsie.”

from N64 Magazine issue 41 (May 2000)

Cor! A mere two years after their last one, N64 Magazine needed another round-up of all the games that’d yet to show their faces.

Still not a great showing – of the nine games featured, only three saw release on the Nintendo 64, while two had to wait for the GameCube and Game Boy Advance before release! This claims an N64 Grand Theft Auto was in development, though I don’t think anything was ever showcased of it. We did get really dodgy ones on the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, so, uh, cheers for that.
Included at the end is a list of games denied a European release at the time of writing… and none of them reached our shores. Not a single one! As a dumb kid cripplingly infatuated with both Bomberman AND Snowboard Kids at the time, that did take the piss a little. Live ‘n’ learn, eh?

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