ONM Remembered – #137 – prelude to Never Reached The Shelves Week

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“Ghost Troopers are crack assassins.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 122 (November 2002)

I imagine at one point a spin-off of Starcraft with third-person shooter gameplay would’ve been considered quite innovative, and perhaps even a novelty. It looks okay, I guess, and seeing the Starcraft universe from a hominid’s perspective rather than an RTS-commander-god’s-eye-view would be rather nifty, but I think the time that this would’ve impressed anyone has long since sailed. Pity, I guess!

We’ve got another themed week ahead of us: NEVER REACHED THE SHELVES WEEK! Why, you ask? Because Unreleased Games Week would’ve been too sensible a title. That, and I need every excuse I can to thin down this backlog. You’d be surprised how many pages there are dedicated to stuff that never came out. Whether or not it’ll be worth reading… well, that’s up for you to find out!

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