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ONM Remembered – #136


from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 58 (July 1997)

Earthworm Jim 3D was an interesting game, wasn’t it? It didn’t play a darn thing like its predecessors, had none of the original staff in its development, and just had a weird, offbeat vibe like no one knew what to do with it. It seemed to be in development for ages, and I don’t think a single preview of the game during that period looked a thing like the finished product.

To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if all of these early screenshots were little more than mock-ups. All the previews seemed keen to showcase screenshots and concept art together, as if they literally had a dearth of legit footage to show off. It makes me wonder if the developers had any idea what they were doing at this point, or if it was just a bunch of random ideas they’d hoped would come together at a later date. Which isn’t actually that far off from how the original game was developed, from the sounds of it. Of all the traditions they chose to hold onto!