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ONM Remembered – #129


from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 64 (January 1998)

This comes from ONM’s coverage of Space World ’97, highlighting some particularly kooky Japanese games, most of which never made it overseas, it seems. I really just scanned this for the feature on the side – Top 5 Nintendo Sweets! This issue ran several columns like this alongside the Space World coverage – “Top 5 Nintendo CDs”, “Top 5 Japanese Toys”, and so on. Back then, seeing anything from Japan was a genuine novelty.

You can probably tell I scanned this just for the Bomberman B-Daman sweet shooter. I’ve got a few B-Daman figurines kicking about, including two very similar to the one pictured (complete with translucent plastic), but I get the impression the boxed one is of a bigger scale. If I don’t mind completely ruining the resell value (I think that became a lost cause when their faces began to peel off) I could cram a Malteser in one of them and give it a try. If I don’t obliterate my oesophagus, that is. I’ll keep you posted!

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