ONM Remembered – #126

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“Embark on your quest with a fantastic Zelda Edition Limited Pack.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 148 (January 2005)

A rather neat looking ad, but if you excuse me being a big dumb bore – don’t you think changing the angle or perspective of this shot would add to the implication?
A high shot peering down to emphasise that this epic battle between dudebro and grasshopper is taking place in just one small patch of soil… or a low angle looking up from behind the hero, emphasising the immensity of his everyday surroundings? A little something to make it feel alive is all I’m askin’. As it stands I can’t look at the kid’s dumb pose without thinking “HELP I’M ON A BLUE SCREEN.”

Mind you, it’s still a pretty cool image, and the little details like the dirt on his jeans are nice, but I’ve just gotta critique every ad I see. :{

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