ONM Remembered – #122

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“3… 2… 1… Nintendo Thunderbirds are go!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 63 (December 1997)

A rather sparse page from what I think was was a multi-page early preview… but forget about that, I just want an excuse to talk about F-Zero!
For instance, isn’t that a terrific splash image? I positively adore the comic book art style of F-Zero X, and would love to get my paws on hi-res copies of it. I love it when Japanese artists seek to the emulate that unique high-contrast style that seems to universally scream “American comic book,” but I can’t name any comic off-hand that actually uses it anymore. At least, one that utilises it quite as beautifully.

Fun Fact! Did you know F-Zero X was outsold by an Evangelion Mahjong game? Friggin’ A, man.

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