ONM Remembered – #121

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“Play as the good guys and rescue the Princess, or play as Bowser to capture her.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 63 (December 1997)

I quite like the sounds of this one, even if it is dredged in the stink of so many amateur “here’s how I would reboot a kid-friendly franchise” articles. Okay, Nintendo obviously wouldn’t approve of Mario and company toting huge fuck-off chain guns and blowing each other to pieces, but the core idea of a Mario-themed capture-the-flag just tickles my fancy.
Think of it as a side-scrolling real-time strategy! Set up troop placements, traps and blocks to keep the enemy out, then take control of a player character to storm the other side. I can’t think of any 2D platformers with capture-the-flag modes off-hand, but given the pleasing simplicity of Mario mechanics, it’s got the potential to be a winning concept.
… where’s my Rumble Pak, ONM?

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