ONM Remembered – #117

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from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 64 (January 1998)

How about that E3, eh? Boy, wasn’t it exciting! All those games! All the new tech! All the…
look, I’ll level with you, I didn’t pay a lick of notice to it. I didn’t even know it was still on! Didn’t E3 die a few years ago? This is the level of quality you’ve come to expect on Random Hoo Haas, folks – remaining oblivious to things far longer than any man probably should be.

My blithering ignorance aside, cast your mind back sixteen years and witness the wonder and excitement of… Space World ’97!
Look at all this fascinating, game-changing technology! We’ve got the 64DD, boasting fat disc drives that’s bound to plump up game content by tenfold! There’s the Game Boy Camera and Transfer Pak, that’ll surely be compatible with more than six games! And – check this out – voice activated gaming!! Imagine all the uses you could get out of that! It’s like the future is now or some shit!

In its defence, the Game Boy Camera was awesome. Arguably all these unveilings had the potential to be decent had they gotten the support they needed, but ONM’s knack for mega-hyped journalism kind of means any result, no matter how good, never seems to live up to their obscenely excitable expectations.

Also, someone give that Chansey a sandwich.


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