ONM Remembered – #107

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“The weapons… no, the enemies… no, the bosses – argh! It’s all cool!”

from 64 Magazine volume 10 (1998)

An interview with Iguana UK, the chaps behind Forsaken… which you might recall having a promotional image that looked like somebody’s strange and twisted harem anime. I saw that image and cracked up at it, and then it seemed Forsaken was everywhere in these mags. Previews and reviews out the wazoo!
One fascinating aspect of looking at old gaming magazines is the inexplicable hype over games that would disappear from the radar upon release, and never be given a second thought ever again. I figure if I got a laugh out of its awful promotional art, I might as well archive something a little less embarrassing. It’s only fair!

That said, it’s not exactly an invaluable resource of information we couldn’t have lived without. It’s four pages of questions and answers, and I still have no idea what the game actually plays like.

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