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ONM Remembered – #90

“The winner can choose to receive either 20 bananas each week for 52 weeks or 1000 € in cash.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 132 (September 2003)

If it were really a jungle out there you wouldn’t be riding on the bus like a chump; you’d be riding a RHINO. Or a GIANT WEB-SHOOTING SPIDER. Or an ANTI-GRAVITY BOBSLEIGH.
(and if it were really a jungle out there, you wouldn’t find bananas floating willy-nilly inside of buses – they’d be suspended above pits, by giant wasps or near other inviting death traps. Is this ad trying to disappoint me?!)

The image is kind of deflated by trying to remind people “HEY IT’S A DONKEY KONG GAME” by shoving him in the bottom right corner. It clearly doesn’t intend him to be part of the main image, but I can’t help but interpret him as some sort of micro-sized bus fare collector. You just know punks would settle down when DK’s around, otherwise he’d go kongo bongo banana slamma on their asses.

I’d love to know more about that Big Banana Competition. I really hope someone chose the bananas. The winner would become rich all right – RICH IN POTASSIUM!
(shoot me)