ONM Remembered – #74

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“Could get to: a better job”

from N64 Magazine issue 17 (July 1998)

As a kid, most media jobs seemed pretty easy to understand. If you wanted to be a musician, you banged on instruments inside a white room. If you wanted to star in films, you did stuff in front of a camera and lights (and if you wanted to make films, you’d stand behind the camera and lights). But if you wanted to make video games… jeez, how did one begin to understand how that worked? What sorcery do you have to practise so this funny little plastic cartridge will create magic the moment you plop it in that big grey box?
Then I found out that they’re programmed by people who stay parked in front of computers all day and night and never see their families. Kind of loses the magic, doesn’t it?

It’s not quite the decent reading material most N64 Magazine features were, but it’s an intriguing glance at the games industry of the nineties. It’s almost bittersweet reading the remarks comparing and contrasting it to the film industry, and how that’s all changed. I’ve got plenty of opinions on that subject, let me tell ya, but I’ll spare you the earful.

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