Who wants to hear about mummers?

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I’m back. I actually returned home yesterday but I’ve kind of been such a lazy unproductive ass for so long that I was truly unable to write anything. Despite the fact that I’d been keeping a crude journal of my days away, so I could have just copied something from it and through a few pop culture references into it. But I didn’t, because I’m just that lazy.

I’m over my cold now, so that’s a plus, and the holiday basically consisted of nothing but sitting around in a pleasant little cottage house, playing video games and going for walks along the country. T’was quite nice. I’m not exactly sure where it was though, or if the place even had an official location name; it was just somewhere between Enniskillen and a place called Lisnaskea, which I just love pronouncing. We went out somewhere every day, usually to National Trust properties such as old rich-dude houses and so on, but admittedly the only one that sticks in my mind is the Aughakillymaude Community Mummers Centre (Aughakillymaude is another place I just love pronouncing, though it’s a little less fun once you actually figure out how it’s said).

I’ll assume my audience are cultural philistines who don’t know what mummers are, that way we’ll have something in common. But basically they’re dudes who get dressed up in wacky wicker basket hats and, well, do stuff. It’s meant to just be amusement for the masses, but by god, if you weren’t aware you’d almost think they were Satanists – dancing around bonfires in the middle of night in monstrous outfits! Okay, yes, they also do pantomime stuff in city centres and so on, but that’s not quite the imagery that sticks in your mind.

I seriously thought I had more to say than this. Well, uh, I played lots of video games that I might cover in Games I Own in like five months time, given my immense speed in updating that section, and I toyed around with some plans for future sections that’ll likely be designed, made, and then forgotten about in a few months (no, seriously, I still want to work on the Bomberman Shrine Place. The Puchi Carat Palace might be a different story, for anyone who cares). But for now, I leave you with my interpretation of Campbell’s Soup Cans by Andy Warhol, drawn on a laptop’s touchpad by memory.

I seem to believe human faces are now just blobs moulded around oversized mouths.

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