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ONM Remembered – #65

“It’s not just his game. It’s an NHL warzone.”

from official Nintendo Magazine issue 66 (March 1998)

I’d never actually noticed this particular ad before I started revisited the mags for this column. This is a cute angle to take an ad for a licensed sports game. It’d be amusing if ads for Goldeneye feature the real Pierce Brosnan sharing a martini with his low-poly game representation, or B.A. Baracus busting through a wall with the help of his floating disembodied Atari 2600 head.

Mind you, I could be pedantic and say that’s not Wayne Gretzky’s polygonal double, it’s his crudely Photoshop-filtered double. I think it’d be hard to shill an N64 game when using its actual in-game graphics. Would love to see someone try, though.