ONM Remembered – #63

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“Zelda 64 is the greatest adventure of all time. And that’s official.”

(from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 64 (January 1998)

ONM was just so gosh-darned excited about Zelda 64 that they dumped damn near every screenshot that’d been released across six pages. And it’s all early footage! Check it, the screenshots have the A Button for the sword instead of the B Button. Fascinating stuff.
There might be more interesting changes, but I wouldn’t have the patience to find out – some of the screens must have come from the Space World ’97 playable demos, and some look to be those ancient promotional ones of Link in nondescript locations. If Zelda’s Secret Ocarina were still around they’d probably give you a mouthful on each and every screenshot. Bless ’em!

The last page is the most interesting to me – 5 Top Nintendo Toys! Seeing merchandise of video game characters was a rare sight in those days, so finding out that plastic games existed in the shape of Yoshi and Donkey Kong was like hearing unicorns existed, but only in Julian Simmons’s bathroom. Kinda strange thinking back when I’m practically tripping over Angry Birds and Super Mario merchandise every time I hit the shops.

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