ONM Remembered – #60

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“Burper is a shoot ‘n’ dodge-type game.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 61 (October 1997)

In the far-flung year of 1997, Official Nintendo Magazine was still covering SNES games. I’m surprised games were still being released for the console in English territories at this point! Pity they were a bit shit, though.

What can they possibly say about Jungle Games? It’s basically a compilation of old arcade titles, except everybody’s favourite warthog and meerkat comedians take centre stage. It’s like the best of Wii shovelware, before we even HAD Wii shovelware!

The review ends with a look at other Disney titles on the Super Nintendo, complete with their old review scores. They seem a mite generous if you ask me – Toy Story at 92%? Jeez, buddy. I suppose I have to give it credit for having a variety of game modes and some neato graphical effects, but if you’re looking for an enjoyable game, hit up Goof Troop.
Yes, I’ll use any excuse I can to talk about Goof Troop, because Goof Troop is THE SHIT. Thanks to the overpowering bias of nostalgia, it’s probably one of my favourite SNES games, and I still go back to it. It’s like a top-down puzzle game where you kick blocks and use hook-shots and stuff! Check it out if you can. Shinji Mikami worked on it, didn’t you know! You can use that to impress your friends while silently crying, “WHERE’S MY GOOF TROOP EXPANSION PACK, SHINJI”. It’s sure to make you a winner at parties.

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