ONM Remembered – #59

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“Few people are aware that Droopy is actually the coaching genius behind Pete Sampras”

from official Nintendo Magazine issue 118 (July 2002)

It’s funny looking back at print magazines and seeing both just how much they cram into them, and also how there’s only so much they can include each month. Do you wonder if they ever had a surplus of content and had to decide what was worth showing and what wasn’t?
I ask because reviewing a game about Droopy playing tennis seems so bizarre. Both the fact that a development company actually produced such an outlandish game in the first place, and also the thought that someone believed the public absolutely needed to know whether or not Droopy’s Tennis Open was a quality product or not. “Bust out the percentages, boys – I’M GOING IN!”
(if only reviewing were that exciting, though. i might actually have gone ahead with that book review i had planned once if it required the usage of PKE metres and other fun gadgets)

Also, hey, CT Special Forces! I’m quite partial to the series and mostly just wanted to share this little magazine snippet. I was almost going to say “I’ve always wanted to write a big piece covering the entire series” … but, well, I have! And I haven’t read it in years because it’s bound to be terrible and poorly written and not at all informative or anything!
(yes, that’s how I run my website – ignore everything that’s bad and hope the rest of you do, too)

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