ONM Remembered – #53

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from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 132 (September 2003)

Well, isn’t this a surprise – a quick interview with John Pickford, of Zee-3 Digital! I… er, wish I could say I’m familiar with him and his brother’s work, but I best know them for working on Wetrix, through their great little website, and for rocking a fine beard. His beard is sadly absent from this photograph, though.

Also, it’s not exactly an interview – it’s just NOM hurling random fanboyish Nintendo questions at someone, and the someone just happened to be a guy in the game’s industry. There’s no questions on what he’s up to what he’s done, that sort of info is just tucked into a very impersonal box beneath the photo. I could gripe further, but that’d just be needless whining on my part. It’s not like it’s actively malicious or anything – a Nintendo magazine’s gotta ask Nintendo questions! If the magazine were trying to be actively malicious, they would have printed a photo of the man and captioned it in block letters, “JOHN PICKFORD? FUCK YOU!
And that would just be uncalled for.
We love ya, John.

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