ONM Remembered – #45

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“Banjo-Kazooie will arrive in November at the surprisingly low price of $59.95.”

from official Nintendo Magazine issue 61 (October 1997)

This page has a bit of everything, hasn’t it?

The “Spice Game” (by the mag’s staff this time around) isn’t terribly inspiring, or terribly well-explained. Trying to sell a game idea with totally foreign terms like “puzzle tree” don’t help your case, buddy.

Banjo-Kazooie makes an appearance, with some of those oft-trod-out early screenshots. Always loved that big spooky door. Also, Christ, $59.99 is cheap? If there’s one thing that always makes me squirm, it’s the prices in the old mags. As much as I unjustifiably love Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, I don’t know if the entertainment I’ve got out of it was worth over £70.

There’s also a Mario Kart 64 contest bus, and more importantly, a Mario Kart poster! I believe it came with one of the later issues, and it was a real beaut. It was on my wall for a long time. I actually found it among my old magazine boxes, but… it had not survived the last fifteen years very well. It was sticky and torn and for some godforsaken reason I’d put stickers and crap all over it. I would’ve loved to have scanned it in (if there’s one poster I’d present at its highest resolution, it’d be this one!), but with all the damage and crap slathered over it, you wouldn’t get anything worthwhile out of it. Frustration!

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