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And so ends the episode coverage of Cadillacs And Dinosaurs. It’s been an entertaining run, and I’m glad to have given a bit of attention to a cartoon I actually like and not just something I covered solely because it’s a video game adaptation (it was nice to have an opportunity to riff on their general sloppiness, but summarising both House of the Dead movies was a bit of a slog). There’ll be the usual intro and character pages soon enough, but I’ll also be making a page comparing it to the original comic and the changes made in its transition to television, which should be pretty fun!

Also today’s episode has an image of Hannah’s ass, so you know I’m looking out for you, Wes. =P

Y’know, when people in the workplace were saying Ronnie James Dio was said, I assumed that was just part of their frequent jabs at the dude’s age, but then I find out today he really is dead. Man! I’m only really familiar with him because Quadboy of the long-gone Rants of a Madman would frequently harp on about the rocker’s prowess; the only song of his I’ve heard is Holy Diver, and even then my brother chastises for listening to it rather than the Killswitch Engage cover (which for the longest time I thought was called Kill, Switch ‘n’ Gage, like some bizarre rocker parody of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick & Titch, who are a band I also thought were named differently, though I just thought Dave and Dee were two different people). The dude’s dead! Man.

And now I am informed that two other people I am mildly familiar with but none the less respect have passed on unexpectedly – Dennis Hopper and Gary Coleman! I’m sad to say I don’t even properly know Gary Coleman, I’m only aware of him through that one Christmas Simpsons episode and the poor guy being a cheap internet meme. Dennis Hopper, well… the Super Mario Bros. movie. I was almost certain he was in Silence of the Lambs, but apparently I’m wrong. Shit, what a way to go – die before some half-wit from Northern Ireland sees your more highly acclaimed media appearances. I’ve a feeling this Summer will be like a repeat of last year. So long as Bob Hoskins doesn’t suddenly snuff it I think I should get through it just fine.

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