ONM Remembered – PSM Week, day 4

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“You do realise, sir, that it is an offence not to own… PoliceStation!”

from PlayStation Magazine issue 62 (September 2000)

“With the upstart PlayStation 2 set to swipe much of the gaming glory from his elder brother, Sony is redesigning the PlayStation into PS One: a more portable, on-the-move, CD walkman type-thing. But why stop there? Why not tailor the old grey slab to more specific lifestyles? Eh? PSM’s R&D men present a future where everyone has their custom consoles!
WORDS: Andy Lowe / ILLUSTRATIONS: David Lyttleton”

A strange feature apparently meant to mock the redesign of the original PlayStation. I admit scanning these pages was the first time I’d ever read the introductory paragraph. I suppose in hindsight I never quite knew what prompted such bizarre reimaginings of the console, but what the hell, I think it’s an amusing little feature, if entirely pointless. Not that I’m complaining. I love it when games journalists say “fuck journalism” and just do stuff like this for kicks.

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