ONM Remembered – PSM Week, day 3

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“There’s just something so pleasing about deformed metal…”

(from PlayStation Magazine issue 62, September 2000)

I hadn’t intended to scan this due to knowing nothing about (or giving a toss about) the Driver franchise, but it’s not a bad little interview. The impression I got is that Martin Edmondson seeks to build something that’s half “car destruction simulator”, and half “all the shit you see cars do in the movies simulator”. It ain’t a grand ambition, but I can’t help but respect simple pleasures like that.
The man presents a good brief argument on replay value, too – it doesn’t matter how many hours of gameplay the main campaign offers, it’s the quality of those hours that matters. Can’t say for myself how well that’s carried across in his game, but it’s always nice to see developers say they’re more interested in presenting a good time rather than milking the life out of their players.

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