ONM Remembered – #29

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“Pull the other one”

from N64 Pro issue 6 (April 1998)

One of many early previews of Jest, a game that after a mild amount of coverage and hype, was quietly axed and never saw a release. Looking through the old mags, I’m a little startled at how many times it shows up – it’s not plaguing every single issue, but it shows up enough for the same old screenshots and info that get trod out every time to wear on your patience a little. You get really sick of that low angle shot on the first page.

If we get sentimental, it’s kind of sad looking at games like this. The preview text does its best to make the game sound appealing, but the game, frankly, looked a bit bleh. The attempt at emulating the look of a French comic book is a really cool idea, but the technology was waaay before you could look at it and immediately realise, “oh, that’s what they were going for!” I dig low-poly stuff, but you’d be hard-pressed to mimic a certain art style when everything looks like a jumble.
Previews of the game showed up time and time again, but I don’t think I ever read any of them; they barely made any mention of what the game itself was like. If it were released, it’s the sort of thing that’d probably become totally forgotten once the review period was over. Never getting a release is probably the best thing that happened to it; that way it’ll always be mildly appealing to those in the unreleased games niche.

God, isn’t this depressing?

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