ONM Remembered – #24

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“Serious soccer sim with a difference”

(from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 64 (January 1998)

I love it when game mags print reader-submitted game ideas. Especially when they’re just totally nuts. It might have to do with my terminal lack of interest in football, though, but this one just seems so sterile. So… uninspiring. You’ve got a pen, paper and a brain with infinite imagination. What will your game idea be?
… apes playing football? Oh. All right, then.

That’s what I love about when people write game ideas. They’re not faced with the unfortunate reality of designing it, programming it and selling it, or having to take into account whether or not the market is ready for a Jerry Springer slash televised murder simulator. If you’ve a game idea, good or not, you write it down! After all, it’s only text. What have you got to lose? This, however, just seems like a wasted opportunity.

Then again, I suppose a bit of pandering prose to a mag already obsessed with footie and Rare is a quick and easy way of scoring yourself a third-party Rumble Pak. If that was indeed the case: smart thinking, Laycock!
Mind you, Rare seems like the kind of company (back then, at least) who would run with an idea like this, and probably make a decent game out of it, too.

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