ONM Remembered – #01

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“Sometimes you need to split up to get the job done.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 104 (May 2001)

An ad that’s always stuck with me. Lowbrow as it is, it’s nothing you wouldn’t already see in the game, and it’s certainly eye-catching without having to resort to anything flashy. That said, when you look at the other ads in the magazine, the bathroom humour doesn’t seem like an attempt to tie into the game, but like some sort of strange conspiracy where every product, no matter the content or genre, is tied back to either toilet or sex humour. Like some strange mutation of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.
(mind you, Banjo hasn’t far to go since you fart eggs out of your butt on command, so…)

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One Response to “ONM Remembered – #01”

  • MightyKombat says:

    I always thought they were just dressing rooms.

    Then again I’m an idiot who can’t read signs so

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