Dusty keys

Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 10:50 pm Comments Off on Dusty keys

We got ourselves a big ol’ Bomberman update; still not much in the way of groundbreaking new content, but personally, I’m just looking to spruce up the old content as best I can.

Well, I’ve had my new computer for about three weeks now. It took a while to settle in, no thanks to me clinging on to Windows XP for the longest time possible, but I’m adjusted nicely now. The machine cost less than the old one and has more hard drive space and memory than I know what to do with, so that’s a plus. Windows 7 isn’t too bad, but losing out on DOS functionality is a bummer, and the control panel is crazy unintuitive. I’m so used to having all my options laid out in front of me, rather than having to play Twenty Questions before I find what I want. Also, for whatever reason despite billing itself as a media centre, it doesn’t have a DVI port, so I can’t output my monitor onto my TV. Well why even bother playing PC games now?! I don’t play them to play them on a PC! >:V

I’m glad to have moved on, but I do miss it, though. Well, I don’t physically miss it – I want nothing to do with that unnecessarily huge piece of machinery clogging up an entire shelf – but I miss the DVI port that allowed TV-out display; I miss the operating system; and perhaps most of all, I miss the filth.

I had around eight years of filth growing between those keys! I scrubbed it once in a blue moon, but not once did I take the sensible option of just bunging it in the dish washer (or more appropriately, chucking it in a canal). Filth aside, it was a good keyboard, and I’m the kind of person who hates to bin something if it’s still perfectly functional… but let’s face it, only I would be brave or foolish enough to be within ten feet of that thing. It’s the bin man’s problem now!

I have no damned clue what I was meant to be achieving with this blog post. Now why does that sound familiar.

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