An open letter to the spider on the washing line

Sunday, May 27, 2012 at 1:42 pm Comments (2)

You don’t need to put cobwebs on the clothes pegs. You don’t need to put any on my jeans, either. You don’t — look, no webs on the washing line, alright? It’s a good job you’re doing, and you seem like a really efficient worker, but it’s wasted out here. They’re mighty fine webs, but I don’t think any bugs are going to be interested in my pants. We could probably make an arrangement where I make my pants a bug paradise, and you could…

Look, just get a hobby.

Love, Mark.

I’d meant to have a Bomberman update, but I’m having pretty bad computer problems. Namely, I can’t get past the boot cycle!

In my infinite wisdom, I installed XP Service Pack 3, and Microsoft’s site ever so kindly didn’t bother telling me the million or so hoops you need to jump through just so it won’t fuck up your computer. After looking for a safe way to remove it, I’m told that just doing a bog-standard uninstall should do the trick… and now I can’t access my desktop. Thanks a bunch, SP3! Thank you straight to hell.
Amusingly, I installed the service pack in the first place because a program wouldn’t run until I had SP3. Now that it’s working, it doesn’t do what I wanted. Wahey!

I’m not hindered too badly by this – I last made a backup in April, and I honestly have no clue what I’ve done all this month (it’s nearly June already?!), so the possibility of lost files is nothing to cry over (I hope!). Not having a machine is just a bit of a bummer, though!
Thought I’d keep all two of you posted.

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