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Super Fox Watcher II Hyper Watching

I went fox watching last night. My uncle is always talking about the seemingly millions upon billions of foxes he sees practically everywhere, from just outside his house to driving home from Ballymena, to even the leisure centre car park near his neighbourhood; the guy’s freakin’ tripping over foxes from the sounds of it. So he phoned me and told me about a group of them he’d seen consistently every night this week in the leisure centre car park, and would I be interested in tagging along? So I was like, yeah, cool!

Two hours and we didn’t see a single fox.

We didn’t even see any bats.

We did see a cat, though.

In yet another example of my inappropriate optimism, I would still say it was a night well spent, and not just because we decided to nab some ice cream up in Carrick. I always love seeing the local surroundings at night, and the leisure centre grounds simply becomes a lot more interesting once you smother it in darkness. A few years ago I would semi-frequently (as in, once every two weeks, and I gave up the practise after five) go for a walk around the neighbourhood at midnight, and it was simply a lot more enjoyable than in the afternoon. Could be because there weren’t any cyclists, children or cars out and about, but the otherwise mundane surroundings just become a lot more captivating when lit only by the amber eyes dangling from the sky. From a photography nerd point of view, yes, I would declare it an enjoyable expedition. From a dude-who-just-wants-to-see-some-foxes point of view, probably not so much.