Pick up the pieces

Monday, November 21, 2011 at 1:07 pm Comments Off on Pick up the pieces

Playing catch up. Did I ever talk about the revamp of the Bomberman shrine? I’m tired and have a cold and barely remember. Either way, I’ve uploaded what I’ve finished of it, as a lot of the content has been kicking about for a few months now. There’s not much new! The revamp was mostly to ditch all that horrible Frontpage code, and so I can upload all the stuff I hadn’t before, like magazine scans and manuals and stuff. A lot of that stuff had only been posted on the Bomberman Board, but now you can access it from the site. Whoop.
Will the shrine see much updates in the future? Aheh. The best I can say is “I’ll see what happens.” You should know by now that anything I start goes hideously unfinished.
I haven’t checked the uploaded version extensively yet, but I didn’t encounter any problems viewing my offline files. If there’s any cock-ups, let me know.

Also, some music for the game music page. A lot of it’s been sitting around for months, too! You can tell which ones are leftovers from months ago by how long the song descriptions are.

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