Buffy 1×09

Friday, April 23, 2010 at 11:40 pm Comments (1)

I wasn’t really expecting an awful lot from the Buffy episode The Puppet Show, but I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe reading at least three friggin’ Goosebumps books on the subject of killer dummies has saturated my interest in that matter, but this one has just the right dose of twists, turns and great lines to be thoroughly entertaining. Killer dummies are pretty passé unless done with a bit of imagination, and when the killer dummy is actually a demon hunter, I’d dare say that’s pretty radical! Like the hyena episode, it’s just full of amusing lines and silly situations, and I can’t help but love the exchange regarding the murder suspect, “check his locker and see if there’s anything there.” “Like a heart?” Good stuff.

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  • Wes says:

    Yeah, that episode was pretty cool. Not my favorite of Season 1 — I think that was “The Pack” — but definitely not one of the duds either. Incidentally, the ones Whedon penned were the ones I liked the least!

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