I only know one Resident Evil joke

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The second part of the Resident Evil coverage is up on Random Action Hour. Get your sandwiches ready!


I watched Up a couple of nights ago. I’ve a bad habit of seeing commercials for animated films, thinking “I must go and see that sometime in theatres!” … and then I spend too long thinking about it that by the time I’m ready, it’s no longer listed. Same thing happened with The Princess & The Frog. Kinda vexing!

Like all of Pixar’s stuff, everyone else on the face of the planet (and probably a few Venusians for that matter) has gone on about how they’re great films in better paragraphs than I’m capable of. I could run through my regular review routine, but I’ll just focus on the element I admired the most.

They didn’t crowbar an aesop down your throat.

Seriously. Yeah, the story had morals, and occasions of mature themes for that matter, but it never felt the need to explain them letter-by-letter for the audience; if you saw it, you got it. This was a serious relief, especially after Wall.E and its entire second half seeming to be nothing but it shouting morals through a megaphone. See, that’s the problem with that film – I liked the first half hour, but by the time it reached the space station it was exclaiming its “protect the rainforest!” and “don’t be a fat-arse!” messages so loudly that I can’t remember anything else about it. I can’t remember the great animation or character interaction, I can only recall the aesops being thrown in my face like foul-smelling underpants.

Yeah, I’m a bit biased against Wall.E.

But regarding Up, it really is a fantastic film, and I’m really, really glad I watched it. The animation is beautiful, the voice acting is spot-on, and I love how it manages to balance whimsical fantasy with unfortunate reality in a smoothly done package. Until I get watching the rest and re-evaluating my thoughts, I’d definitely consider Up to be my favourite of Pixar’s productions.


Today’s observation: I think I’m a little too obsessed with Bionic Commando on the 360. I was walking through the forest part yesterday, looking at a railway bridge and wondering why the grapple reticle wasn’t showing up.

Today’s other observation: For the longest time I thought reticle was spelt “recticle”. How are my immature bum jokes going to work now?!

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