The most exciting of super updates is here!

Friday, April 1, 2011 at 12:40 pm Comments (1)

Would you believe that Random Action Hour updated today? Really! And technically it’s the first step towards the Random Hoo Haas site revamp! Admittedly it’s the crappiest of the revamps because all I’ve done is rearrange the directories (linking to the ol’ “Cartoons/” directory will forward you to the new “rah/” index) and removed a lot of RQ87’s stuff. Yeah, that’s what you get really excited about. As of this writing there’s still a few things to finish uploading, but the real highlight of this update – for me, at least – is that it ties the online and offline files closer together.

If Random Hoo Haas were to violently cyber-splode, I wouldn’t be able to make a flawless replacement just by uploading my offline files, as there’s a fair few things changed or missing compared to the online one, and vice versa. As of this update, Random Action Hour is totally in sync with its offline files, and as mundane as that sounds, it’s a bit of a relief.

This update has meant that I’ve had to upload every single RAH file all over again – that’s over 400mb of stuff. Sorry for killing your bandwidth, FO!

Scarcely amusing anecdote – I was so concerned about the strain on the server of uploading all this stuff again that I was thinking of just getting my own server/domain/whatever so I wouldn’t be bothering anyone else. This is what happens when you’re comically non-confrontational.

Also, hey, did I mention there’s Resident Evil movie coverage? Check it out.

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