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I like things!*

I received two packages in the mail today. One was Alleyway for the Game Boy, a game I already have on at least two multi-cartridges and isn’t anything exciting, but I bought it in hopes of the manual expanding upon the rather ridiculous story cooked up by the blurb on the back of the box. No such luck, the manual is about as boring as stale cheese. Mind you, what kind of moron thinks a manual for a paddle-and-ball game would actually have any interesting reading material in it? Only a total moron, that’s what!

The second package was a lot less disappointing, and I’d dare say its contents were pretty damn delightful!

  • A Dragon-Do Eclipse action figure (mint in box!)
  • DVDs of the Japanese Sentai film Zebraman and some Madballs cartoons!
  • Two Hershey’s Take 5 fun-size candy bars!
  • A Christmas card!! (or a Happy Holidays card if you want to be pedantic. I’m not sure who they’re trying to fool when frickin’ Santa Claus is on the card. If you’re going to call it Happy Holidays, at least give the snowman a Buddhist monk’s robe or something, if just to be snazzy)

This was a total gem to receive. Wes had informed me he was sending me a little surprise gift during Christmas (though it’s hard to make it a surprise when he had to ask me for my postal address and rather bluntly implied what the action figure was!), so I know whose package it was as soon as I saw the figure, but the rest of the stuff came as a total surprise! I was most certainly not expecting today of all days to be my first foray into the realm of American candy!

Everyone says that British chocolate is much richer and stronger than American candy, which is apparently ‘weaker’ in comparison. My good buddy Aodhán (of AC Studios, which appears to have disappeared off the face of the internet… again. I’ll have to pester him about this because such matters are totally important) was part of not one but two school trips to America years and years ago, and he confirmed firsthand that their Mars bars were crap in comparison (to go on a tangent, he also said that most people he talked to seemed really confused that there was a Northern Ireland as well as just plain vanilla Ireland. I should probably reveal that it was only a while back that I realised North America and South America are actually a bit different – that way we’re even!). My brother was on hand to sample of the two bars, and he too expressed concerned. He consumed his first. I followed suit about five minutes later because I am a cowardly custard.




Seriously, goddamn. I can’t personally vouch for how good American chocolate is, but I can certainly say they know how to cram a bunch of ingredients into one hell of a concoction. I mean, chocolate and caramel are a natural combination, as well as peanuts, but pretzels and peanut butter? I would not have thought such combinations were tasty, or even holy, but I am very rightly corrected. Goddamn.

Wes, I want a box of this stuff. I am willing to pay with cash money. You have unlocked my lust for chocolate and peanut butter and I am now… I don’t think I can take this sexual chocolate analogy further without getting awkward. Point is, it was surprisingly awesome. I want more. In my belly.

On a tangentially related note, I picked up a bag of micro pretzels in Marks & Spencers today. They were pretty atrocious. I still hold hope that the real non-micro deal will be delicious.

Despite the fact I was reasonably excited to be getting the Eclipse action figure, I guess everything else has kind of overshadowed it! Dude’s still in his box, untouched. Probably for the best.

He’s got company.

I was planning on leaving it until later in the week, but I watched Zebraman. I enjoyed it and definitely thought it was a worthwhile watch; maybe even a rewarding watch! But… I’m actually having a hard time composing my thoughts on it. It’s pretty damn quirky, and even after going back to rewatch a couple of scenes I’m still unsure what I actually thought. Besides the very basic “it was good” remark. Hopefully by the next entry I’ll be able to ramble about it in moderate detail.

But all in all, this really made my day. Judging from my previous excitement at receiving Bomberman: Act Zero from RQ87, I think I just like getting things. I thought I liked attention, but what good is attention if you don’t get things out of it? Seriously, thank you so much, Wes! We must discuss how I can repay you. While I’m quite partial to Gold bars, I’m not sure they’re snazzy enough to be the equivalent of two fun-size Take 5 bars.

* Except when I don’t!

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  • Wes says:

    Seriously? You got that excited about the chocolate? I kinda threw those in there as an afterthought — it hadn’t even occurred to me that you might not have those overseas. I mean yeah, I know you guys get Jelly Babies and things we can’t typically find outside of World Market, and I’d guess we have stuff like that as well… but I’ve always thought of Hershey’s as being global. It’s so big over here that we have a Hershey’s amusement park. :D

    And are chocolate and peanut butter mixes really that unusual to you? Don’t even tell me you guys don’t have Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups over there — my head might explode.

    Glad you liked Zebraman… but it’s really Madballs: Gross Jokes that I want your take on. Like, right now. ;) It had been my experience that people either really like or really despise it (I think it’s the most brilliant thing ever), but then I had the opportunity to play it for a bunch of people at a New Year’s Eve gathering… and it seemed like they all were just lukewarm on it. This cute girl thought it was boring and walked away from it, which suckssss because now she probably thinks I’M weird and boring. At least weird and fascinating would’ve given me an in, you know? You know. :P

    But I’m thinking that, as a connoisseur of strange and unusual cartoons, you’ll have more appreciation for the horrifying zaniness that is Madballs: Gross Jokes. :D

    Also, I’m glad the package got there, since they apparently stopped updating the tracking info on it once it left the country in Illinois. I thought maybe the plane had gone down at sea and Pinocchio was playing with Eclipse in Monstro’s belly.

  • Codiekitty says:

    “Don’t even tell me you guys don’t have Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups over there — my head might explode.”

    If they don’t, you probably just made Ragey’s head explode.

  • MightyKombat says:

    IF its mainly Toilet Humour, I’ll pass

  • Ragey says:

    I know, I was hardly expecting the chocolate to steal my attention! I certainly know the company Hershey’s (I’m not sure if I heard of them legitimately or because of The Goonies), but I don’t think I’ve seen any of their stuff in stores. At least, none of their exciting stuff. I know for certain Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are not widely available, if they’re even sold here at all – should I be weeping in despair on what I’m missing out on?

    I got watching Madballs: Gross Jokes last night… and I think you took the words right out of my mouth by saying “weird and fascinating.” After every scene I was simultaneously thinking “buh??” and “I WANT MORE.” It’s strange and outrageously corny, but there was something strangely enticing about it – I’m not quite sure if it was bile fascination or just plain vanilla fascination, but I certainly enjoyed it. I do think the weird medium-blending and cheapo animation style were a big part of its appeal for me.

  • MightyKombat says:

    Well its good to know Madballs kept you happy. So what’s the humour like? Not all toilet crap is it?

  • Codiekitty says:

    “should I be weeping in despair on what I’m missing out on?”


    And how come whenever I post here, it always says my post is awaiting moderation?

  • Ragey says:

    Don’t worry about it, I’ve got it set up so every post awaits moderation. I get huge amounts of spam comments for whatever reason (boy, I wonder if it’s because of all those movie titles I keep mentioning?), so I’m afraid that’s my excuse.

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