Pumpkin mug!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 4:22 pm Comments (2)

Man, forget minimum wage! If photocopying stuff for close friends gets me paid with a pumpkin cup, I’m all for it.

One thing concerns me, though…

This warning label. It informs me that this pumpkin-shaped cup is not a toy. Okay, cool. If it were left at that, I could live my life happily without further question.

But then it says “for decoration only.” What does that imply? The label on the bottom of its base clearly describes it as a “pumpkin mug,” which suggests that you drink stuff from it. Are cups considered decorations nowadays? Do modern issues of Home Beautiful detail the many ways you can spruce up your boring living room by inventive placement of colourful drinking cups? More importantly, is it safe to drink from this? The warning label never once mentions whether or not you can drink from it! You could argue that drinking from the pumpkin mug brings unpleasant after-effects to the poor sod gulping tea from it, but I imagine it’s a more down-to-earth threat like lead paint or something.

Minimum wage never raises this many questions.

The first time I showed this guy on the blog I was hoping he wouldn’t end up plaguing the doodles section constantly. Laziness and a lack of other drawings to use has forced this predicament upon us!

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