“Your wife has a lovely neck.”

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I said I’d have an update prepared for October, didn’t I? I’m really sorry I haven’t anything to show. I am working on a couple of things, but I haven’t really had the motivation to do as much work on them as I’d like to, partly because my attempts at improving my web design skills is also a total misery, and work is just getting me down. It’s a shame, as I definitely would’ve liked to at least have gotten something finished. Random Hoo Haas is five years old, and I commemorate the event by being a lazy bastard.

For once in my life, I’d like to be able to live up to my promises.

I went to a showing of Nosferatu: A Symphony Of Horror at the Crescent Arts Centre; it wasn’t just a simple showing of the 1922 classic, but a showing with live music by 3epkano! It was a very entertaining evening, and not just because Belfast was crawling with idiots in superhero outfits (though that was definitely a plus). It’s actually pretty interesting to finally see the movie after only hearing about it through “top 100 scariest movies” lists and still imagery and so on. Much like how RQ87 realised there was more to Full Metal Jacket than R. Lee Ermey shouting at people, I was surprised that there was more to Nosferatu than seeing Orlok’s shadow cast on walls.

I hear so many people commenting on Orlok and his rodent-themed appearance, but I had never heard any remark about him almost being the literal incarnation of plague and pestilence, rats appearing wherever he goes and generally striking down the citizens of the sleepy town with fatal illness. Orlok is obviously the main draw (I assume we don’t need yet another person remarking on just how damn creepy the dude is?), but the rest of the content stands up very well. The scenes of the sleepy town succumbing to his plague is very dark, especially the scene where you see coffins being carted out of houses, and the sequence where Orlok disposes of the last two living men on a cargo ship is absolutely killer. It does kind of dilute the horror of this stiff, inhuman monster when you see him lugging a coffin full of muck around town, but when he brings his A-game, hot damn, it scares you stiff. 3epkano did a great job accompanying the film; it’s not exactly what I expected when I thought “soundtrack for a silent film,” but it delivered a beautiful and haunting ambiance to it. If you excuse me being a total shill, I’d say check ’em out, or at least the samples a whirl.

Today’s doodle is a wonkily drawn Link. The shield’s kind of awkward, at least the way it covers up a lot of detail, but I’d say I at least like the basic style I was going for. The hand weirds me out.

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