ONM Remembered – #464

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from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 148 (January 2005)

Towards the end of the GBA’s life it was downright dripping in the strangest of cookie-cutter shovelware. 3-in-1 cartridges of Connect-4 and other basic board games? Dodgy ports of Marble Madness? WE GOT IT! Though, let’s be honest, it wasn’t nearly as bad as what the Nintendo DS was swamped with: surely the one-stop shop for anyone seeking games about smothering horses.

Some computer versions of Monopoly are actually a lot of fun – I remember one PC version in the late 90s had prerendered cutscenes showing each of your houses and hotels being built, often in bizarre locations like on the side of a cliff or wedged in a tree. It was silly little things like that that helped us stay invested when we weren’t grabbing the mouse and trying to blow each others’ money on worthless auctions. You don’t need paper money to end your friendships.

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