ONM Remembered – #455

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“Some of the motion-capture is outstanding and some of the moves even appear to connect! Crikey, Hudson – with this fighting game you are really spoiling us.”

from N64 Magazine issue 17 (July 1998)

More dumping on Dual Heroes, courtesy of Martin Kitts. I’ve highlighted the bloody game four times already, but this is the first review to properly explain the likes of VR Mode and Robot Mode – the latter of which allows you to train a fighter AI your own brand of fighting. To be honest, I’m surprised that sort of thing hasn’t become more common! I remember Smash Bros. Brawl had some vaguely-implied notion of the CPU learning tricks from players, but nothing as open as this.
Fighting games are meant to be a communal experience so faffing about against the computer is hardly the desired way to play them, but if nothing else it’d be a neat way of practising against a certain mindset and learning how to react and respond to certain tricks. (that and it’d allow me to let the AI take over while i use the bathroom)

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