ONM Remembered – #454

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“Everybody knows discs can hold more graphics and music information, but are they able to deal with enemy A.I. as well as carts?”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 118 (July 2002)

This month, lots of upset people wrote in letters all at the same time! Games are too short, games are too expensive, nobody wants ports of PS2 games, this magazine stinks! It’s refreshing for the magazine to address issues like these rather than run two-sentence letters from ten year olds asking what their favourite Bulbasaur is, and I commend them for responding in a polite and civil manner… though a part of me wishes they’d just scream WHAT DO YOU EXPECT US TO DO?!” in page-filling text at some point.

ONM were also among the many who foolishly believed the GameCube ports of the other Resident Evil games would be upgraded at all. Man, was that a disappointment. I mean, it was sensible – you don’t hype up your high-end remake of one game and then give the silent treatment for your other alleged remakes. Though in hindsight, I wonder if Capcom could have had the talent and budget to remake all those games at the time, rather than now where they needed the sales of both RE1 and RE0 HD to justify even beginning development on one new remake. Oh well.

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