It's the Halloween break, a buddy got me a book of Halloween jokes just for shits and giggles (not from the ones inside) and the closest shops are decked out for Halloween, yet I keep thinking it's nearing Christmas. I've got that song "and now it's Christmas~" stuck in my head and I keep expecting television to be busting out an array of awesome movies that actually give me a reason to sit down and watch the stupid box, but it's just Loose Women and way too many auction and property shows.

And now I'm debating a joke in this book and how politically incorrect it would be if such matters were taken seriously by people other than me. "Why was the skeleton put in jail? He was bad to the bone." That's bloody fleshism, that is. That skeleton is the same as you and I, so just because you can crack a jab at what you can see in him and not in yourself is just plain rude, son.



Only three entries so far? What ass.

I've been trying to get back into anime, of all things, and thus am currently awaiting Ruin Explorers to arrive, which cost me 8.50 for two hours of actual show, and that's the cheapest I could find it. The DVD industry should collapse.

What I'm not currently awaiting, however, is Titanium Soundwave. I managed to snap him used for a little under 6, which is a pretty sweet deal when he normally goes for 20. I genuinely am glad I didn't shell out that much, as the figure really is a bit crap. His upper body is swell, my only real nag being his tiny neck-lacking head looking a little silly on top of that behemoth of a torso. His legs, however, just sink into themselves, meaning he has to lie down to be at his proper height otherwise he looks like a stubby little individual, and getting him to stand on his feet and not the bottom of his calves is immensely difficult. But it's nice to have a Soundwave that isn't a MyClone where the closest it gets to a transformation is pulling his limbs off.



Looks like that last sentence has come back to haunt me, as things have been pretty unexciting in terms of talking about them on the internet!

It only took me, what, a year, maybe two? before somebody on Halo realised I wrote slandering comments about them, and actually took it in stride. Haloidi, way back on March 2006's entries, emailed me and said it was pretty amusing, while commenting that Galv' and I must have been totally bored to have been such assholes. You don't know the half of it! And, uh, that's it.

I got Half-Life 2, which is pretty rad despite the lack of gamepad support and how it takes five minutes to boot up, and CT Special Forces: Fire For Effect, which has unreadable text thanks to my crappy video drivers so the game is kind of unplayable. Whoops! And since I've got an official PSX memory card now, I can actually save my progress, and thus have been playing Crash Bandicoot and the newly bought Gekido, which is pretty rad though immensely cheap.

It's all go.



I'm back... and I'm mad!

At how Spanish game stores no longer have bootlegs, multi-cart offers or haggle-encouraging owners but are actual genuine stores with actual RRP prices! At how so many people made use of the hair braiding centres even though they look downright horrible with it, a hair decoration that only really looks good against dark skin or silly footballer antics! And at how it rained for two days! In Spain!

On the plus-side, it's the first holiday abroad I've had in three years, the last one involving me being struck with a horrible cold and a liquor-addicted friend, and it's good to see the ol' place again. My hunt for games and action figures may not have been able to go well, but I did take part in the art of trying whatever wacky shit they had available in the buffet. Like burgers and veal! I did try prawns, mussels and octopus, though, the last of them tasting strangely like ham. An anticlimactic discovery, I must say.

Staying in one of PortAventura's hotels wasn't quite the experience it could've been; being a lazy ass, I missed out on having breakfast with Woody Woodpecker, Betty Boop, Popeye or a casual wear Pink Panther, though I did manage to give him a high five when passing him in the lobby. And to be honest, aside from the costumed characters, Universal-themed gift shop, every available surface being donned with an image of Woody and music from the park being piped in through fake rocks (mostly suspense and horror music, being Halloween season and all despite that being out-of-place for a hotel), you'd never really know it was a hotel of the park. At least, I'd never have known. If it weren't for the repeated use of PortAventura on select places.

And I also played Mario Kart Arcade GP. It's pretty rad. Can't say I'm dying for a home port, though it would be nice. I did find a perfume store that, as by Spanish traditions, also had electronics, and got myself a Goomba figurine and a 4GB flash drive that I found out I could get for half the price on I hate shopping without the internet to compare prices. =(

And I also got a Powerful Dinosaur warrior Dinosaur Bot unofficial Transformer, but I've rambled enough bullshit in here that nobody cares about, best save that for another time when people care less! Or even I care less!

I miss talking about interesting things.