August is flying by so quickly that I keep feeling every day is the day it was yesterday, and maybe Thursday I can sleep. You just can't tell!

Wario: Master of Disguise is a game I bought recently for 9, which is a pretty good deal no matter how many people say the game sucks. I'm at the sixth chapter and I'm enjoying it; it can't compare to the utter quality of the Wario Land games, but it's nice to see them treating the status affects differently than they normally do, able to use them anytime you want after you get them.

One thing I can't stand, however, is the lack of save points. The other games allowed you to save in the middle of a level and resume it when you turn the game on again, but this forces you to find a save point before you can quit or else you lose your progress. It's not so bad in the first few chapters, but then it comes to the pyramid level where I had to play it for half an hour before I could find a save point. For a portable game that's meant to be played on the go, that's no good. The stupid thing is after you find your first save point, you end up coming across more with adequate spaces between as you progress, so why couldn't they just add one early on in the level?

That and Grand Theft Auto 3 are all I've really been playing, and I'm sure I've talked about the latter game a lot, so yeah, not really much to mention. Aside from me dipping further and further into Transformers related insanity with my new goal to get myself one with a gun mode.



For some bizarre reason, I'm hating my Revoltech Megatron review because I keep imagining it as being ridiculously and absurdly negative, but all I really nag about is the legs and the price. I really love him, and I admit I'm tempted to get the Optimus figure as well. And maybe the Macross Valkyrie and that sword chick. Obsessive.

And since my levels of nerdness have advanced to Transformers collecting now, may as well make a blog entry about my latest little purchases. You know, just to let the world know that I shouldn't be trusted to be responsible for anything actually important in life. Like a child.

The second series of Transformers MyClones! With Heroes of Cybertron Galvatron there for size comparison, they're certainly bigger than I thought. I was expecting LEGO size or something, but they're a good 3 inches, so they're not as fiddly as I imagined them to be.

They also come with handy stands, though thanks to Grimlock lacking peg holes, he can't use his at all without pinching someone's body, and his upper torso has a habit of popping slightly out of it's hole, meaning I can lift him up, shake him slightly and his legs will fall off. Battle damage! That and Galvatron's Mick Jagger lips are my only nags.

Even though I really got it for show-accurate Wreck-Gar (who's really rather underwhelming), I'd have to say that Soundwave is the best of them, with the detailed Rodimus and utterly-adorable Bumblebee as runner-ups. He works so well in the blocky form, and if you take a bit of artistic license, plucking off his head and limbs can count as transforming him into a bloated boom box! Or you can pluck off the boom box detail and say he's an oversized Walkman! Or you could even take his right arm off and say he's a shrunk version of his Cybertronian alt-mode!

And getting them for 10 wasn't too bad either, what with getting the two rare figures bumps the price up to nearly ten times that price, and the rare ones aren't even that good, just "lava Galvatron" (urine yellow!) and Thundercracker, who pales in comparison to Skywarp, even if he is voiced by Mr. Slate.



So I saw somebody commented on a video of an admittedly attractive lady type with this:


I want to have sex with you!!!!!! E-mail me at Yahoo! ASAP!


And then their profile contained this:


I'm funny, intelligent, willing to learn, love stuff mentioned in my interests/hobbies section. My Dad died when I was 4 and I've missed him ever since. I now try to carry on his mechanical legacy, etc.

Interests and Hobbies: -Camping -Fishing -Skiing -Hiking -Bicycling Outdoorish activities, I love the outdoors -Working on my Toyota Tercel 4wd Wagon -Reading car books -Surfing the internet -Reading and watching porn materials on SSBBW and BBW women, women in diapers, women performing zoophilia or bestiality (bestiality as long as they are not hurting the animals or not getting the animals' implied consent for sex with humans.) -I also like cleaning things like nuts and bolts or cleaning ones specifically for my car.


This man is 20 years old.

YouTube profiles are hilarious, though I think I learn a little too much about the average horny human's mind than I really wanted to.



Today's observation: I thought those kind of people died out in the 1990s, but apparently some people with neck-length hair, leather jackets, jeans, slack-jawed expressions and sunglasses (despite the fact it was the evening) still exist. And people don't realise asking "does your dog bite?" and getting "you tell me" as a response is rocket scientist lingo for "find out for yourself." That conversation took place and the kid replied with "fuh????//?/" You'd think when parents are teaching their children about their P's and Q's and their five-times-twos then they'd also teach them the English language am i rite

Just right now's observation: I'm a smug asshole.