So I saw The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite not seeing the first one! Having spoiled the whole Galactus question for myself willingly, I wasn't too disappointed to see him (it?) only mentioned once by name and promptly defeated after causing barely any problems at all the world, simultaneously showing that the Silver Surfer is actually more powerful than him, which is a bit nuts in my view.

Uh, yeah, spoilers there. Sorry folks.

While people have mostly been complaining about recent movies being too long, a lot of complaints for this are saying it's too short; from an entertainment point of view, I found it to be a pleasant length, but for a making sense point of view, it could've done with maybe a half hour more just to explain why Doctor Doom came back, and possibly a bit more to plump out Galactus' attack, because all he does is hurl a few flaming rocks down. Yawn. Though I have to admit that his appearance as a "big gay space cloud" is actually kinda cool looking. Not sure if it compares to the trident-helmeted kilt-wearing giant, but it's a good alternative even if he doesn't even speak.

And IMDb continues to be a place for argumentative, single-track minded folk come together to verbally bash each others' brains over the stupidest things.


In other news, I got myself SCF figures of Megatron and Galvatron!

I think they're pretty rad, and it's nice to see a cartoon-accurate Galvatron that doesn't look like an overgrown LEGO man, though it feels a little a little odd when Optimus can smother both of them with his bare hands. On the plus side, you can apparently swap their parts with different figures! Sadly, the pegs for their cannons are differently sized, so no go. :{




TODAY'S OBSERVATION: So that art group I mentioned ten days ago are displaying art themed around a play adaptation of The Vagina Monologues, and the deco in the gallery is really space-age, with egg shell shaped chairs and all kinds of wacky crap. I'm not sure if that's meant to tie in with the old "men are from Mars women are from Venus" saying or if they just felt the need to look funky. Can't blame them, really. I'd like an egg shell shaped chair just for the conversation value alone.

And since I've been feeling CRAZY lately, I've been thinking of actually uploading more of the not-just-talking-about-games-and-cartoons stuff! You know, like drawings and writings and crap! Of course, there's also the chance that I will upload them, only to go "oh shit did I actually agree with my idea" and think of removing it all, only to not bother due to the Internet Archive seeing everything. But hopefully I'll not be a paranoid son of a bitch.




I'm at the final boss, but screw her for the minute, I'm just going back and doing the things I never got around to, such as going through the Glitz wrestling ring again, Pit of 100 Trials and the help board, and I was on the second of those, I reach Bonetail and I DIE. Of course, only after fighting for twenty minutes and spending like three hours going through the monotonous hell hole, losing everything and meaning I'll have to slog through it all over again if I want those badges and the item space doubler.

Seriously, this is precisely why I hate most RPGS: They pretend repetition and fighting the same enemies a billion times counts as a challenge. I know it's meant to be a trial, but if they really wanted to do that, they could've just cut it down to twenty floors and have all the ultra-hard enemies in them. It gets you straight to the point and doesn't mean you've just wasted your afternoon only to die at the boss and have to slog all the way through again.

Honestly, it feels like Shadow the Hedgehog's Hard Mode all over again. >:[


And I've been hit with a creativity block again. I'm almost at the end of a chapter of a story I'm writing, and I know what I want to write, but I just can't. I've been trying to make content here so it's a little less embarrassing for this week to end with a sprite update and nothing else, and I've got a few ideas lingering around in a text document that I feel would be worth doing, but I think we all know what happens when I force myself to write something (it comes out shit!). Even Stupid Stuffs are beyond my capability! The most I can do is rip sprites, which is precisely what I don't want to do, but end up doing otherwise I'd have done nothing all day. Not fun!



TODAY'S OBSERVATIONS: My painting skills haven't changed a bit since I was five years old, and my artistic vision is incredibly blunt compared to the other people in the art group I checked out. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to not say "it's a vagina. She painted a vagina and on another piece of paper she made a heart. You could make symbolism out of it, but it's a vagina and a heart at it's most. Check out my skeleton riding a Harley!"

At least I got to draw a rather adorable wyvern after I forgot what a cockatrice looked like, and accepted the fact that I can't draw bicycles, motorised or not.

Also, Steve agrees that Transformers the Movie is really, really awesome, and thanks to some truly miserable weather, the dysfunctional families can resume bottling their troubles inside their homes. Hooray!









I love my Optimus Prime. For supposedly being a figure meant for collectors, it sure does try it's hardest to make sure you almost damage him with his really tight hand holes and easily bendable pegs, but he's still pretty damn awesome. Now the fact that I missed out on Megatron and Starscream makes me even more disappointed. =(

Also, the dysfunctional family mentioned in the previous entry have a toddler with an obscenely irritating squeal. Honest to God, my shoulders are sore from my instinctive cringing every time it lets one out. It sounds like an injured field mouse sometimes.




Summer time, Summer time!

Summer time is really overrated. All those songs keep going on about the beautiful weather and white cotton dress of the girl they're walking with; and the weather is surprisingly beautiful over here, but that only seems to drive out every dysfunctional family in the neighbourhood into their back garden, allowing them to shout at each other and call the names of their disobedient children and simply make their problems known to the world. And then there are insects flying inside and moths flying into the window. And the girl I knew wore a The Dark Side of the Moon shirt.

Summer can be pleasant, but it's definitely overrated. 5/10. Stick with Spring.


In other news, it was only inevitable. I'm becoming a Transformers fan. I'd seen the third series and didn't really get to enjoy it fully (never mind the fact I didn't know a thing about the series then and had no idea of the backstory, Galvatron said it was best!), and then I saw the movie and loved it, and now I bought myself an Optimus Prime Mega SCF figure (totally by accident, surprisingly! I didn't expect to win, but there I did. For 9!) and one of those "best of" DVDs I attempt to avoid, but season 2 is about 30, so screw that for the minute. I'd been hoping to also get Megatron's and Starscream's Mega SCF figures, but lost the bids on both, Starscream's ended 3.80 when I was just about to bid for 4. THERE AIN'T NO JUSTICE. It doesn't help that neither Soundwave nor Galvatron got Mega SCF figures, so I couldn't get them as my sole Decepticons, even though Starscream is the only one whose voice I can imitate semi-decently. Oh well. There's always next time~


Oh, and I also got some funky new shelves. Thought I'd say.